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eDescartes is an interactive digital advertising and marketing agency, revolutionizes traditional media business by leveraging of versatile combination of online media proficiency, market insight, cutting-edge technology as well as innovative ideas from creative ideas generation, data measurement to campaign optimization.

Social Media

Social Media

Content marketing and social media seem like they were made for each other. There are currently over 2 billion social media users worldwide.

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Content Management

Content Management

Full service with rich digital experiment to interact with the audiences and the strategy planning on viral the key message of content through the multiple platforms into the public.

Programmatic Direct

Programmatic Direct

Partnered with iLeague Digital Co. Ltd which provide a full visibility premium-advertising platform to manage advertising yield.

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Hong Kong Digital Market 2017

Hong Kong Total Population
Active Internet Users
Facebook Monthly Users
(Source: HK Census and Statistics Department in Feb 2017, Facebook in Sep & Dec 2016 and wearesocial in Jan 2017)

 Our Network


We offer strategic digital marketing and content solutions as well as strong network of quality publishers that fit the marketing needs.


Strong publisher networking have been segmentized into multiple strong channels and categories.

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Our Clients


Various type of campaigns on content management and display advertising for our clients.

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What challenges are advertisers facing in digital advertising nowadays?

Is it possible to achieve high viewability in your ad campaign?   You’ve probably heard of ad fraud if you’re in the digital advertising industry. Billions of advertising budgets are lost to ad fraud and it’s a serious problem ever since a report from comScore......